Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gaia by UL Typingaway


waking up i take your dust
and smear on my forehead
a sign of soulful respect
or so i would like to think-
not enough, yes I know:
never enough for all that you
endure and sustain through time,
the burden you carry so willingly
without complain, with relish
deserves far more than mere
acknowledgement every morn -
yet remembrance and respect
even for a moment, is the least
i can do for you Mother, who
give, give and only give
expecting no return.
There's a two line prayer in sanskrit that Hindus chant every morn as soon as one wakes up.
It is a sign of acknowledgement to Mother Earth who carries us in her arms without
question or complain, assuming our burdens as her own. It is a request for her forgiveness, if we unknowingly cause her harm and a daily renewal of promise to treat her with respect as long as we live.
In response to the prompt from Read Write Poem. I would also like to submit this to Milou at her blog on World Poetry Day and Earth.

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