Thursday, April 10, 2008

Killer Flea - Earth Day Poem by Milou

Watch the Pink Flea (have fun)

Flea Poem by Milou©
In the little town of Marden
There was a neat and tiny garden
In the garden was a tree
That was happy, kind, and free

In the tree there was a bird
Whose call was very often heard
On the bird there was a flea
That lived so very happily

But don’t let this be a trick
For the flea was very sick

It killed the bird
It killed the tree
It killed the garden
And then the flea
Killed the rest of the our world
By jumping on a different bird

And take very special care
Because this tiny little flea
Can end up being YOUR destiny
A funny Earth Day book I like, Milou:-)
funny earth day books for children

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Anonymous said...

very touchy