Sunday, April 13, 2008

Earth Day Poetry, Poems, and Haiku - contribution by Kid Reviewer

Celebrate Earth Day.
Plant a birch or maple tree
Shade for tomorrow.

The rain forests wane,
birds disperse into thin air,
flee colorful ghosts.

Halt global warming!
There's nothing more important,
'cept global cooling.

I though these were pretty cool nature poems by Li Po:

Talk in the Mountains

You ask me, `Why dwell among green mountains?'
I laugh in silence; my soul is quiet.
Peach blossom follows the moving water;
Here is a heaven and earth, beyond the world of men.

Silent Night

Moonlight floods the end of my bed.
I wonder, has frost fallen?
Sitting up, I look at the moon.
Lying back, I think of home.

Summer in the mountains

Too lazy to shift my white feather fan
I lie naked in the green woods.
Hanging my hat on a rock,
I bare my head to the breeze in the pines.

(Li Po, Chinese, 701-762, versions I.M.)

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