Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The Earth Day Poem" by Emeline

Power to the Earth Day Kids

Our forests are dying,
Our lakes are drying,
Mother Earth is crying,
and we must start trying!

Trying to save our Earth
giving back what it''s worth,
toward a new day of

Join the millions of people world wide,
to begin to live with pride,
while waste begins to subside,
and conservation is taken in stride.

Use paper, not plastic bags,
Recycle clothing to use as rags,
Re-do, repair, re-dream,
Don''t buy new, buy green!

Walk or share a ride,
Conserve water town wide,
read a book, or play a game,
Live in peace without shame.

We must begin today,
there is no time to delay,
Mother Earth is needing you to pray,

On This 2008, Earth Day!
by Emeline

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