Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Bridging The Gap" by Brad Rogers -FLitCH

Hello Everyone,
I'm donating one of my songs to everyone for Earth Day. The song is appropriately called "Bridging The Gap". There is an underlying theme all the way through that our world needs some healing and some patching up pretty badly, and it touches base on the fact that our govt. needs serious reform, and that is obviously all connected to the damaged state of the Earth. I try and tell stories through the music itself without words, however for this one there are some samples I threw in (legally), to help emphasize the message. One sample at the end is of Mr. Ted Glick speaking the truth at a C.C.C. conference about the atrocious behavior and suppression of scientific evidence.

Thanks Brad for your support!
You will find Brads's music "Bridging The Gap" on the right, just click the Earthday player and enjoy.

Ted Glick: Man in Action

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